Hi everyone can anybdy help me with this... I use a sony camcorder that records in 5.1 surround and I use Platinum 11.

Why when I render a movie for BluRay (mt2s file) and burn it to a blu ray disc I can only view the file on my PS3 but not on my Samsung BluRay player? Can anyone shed any light as to why this is? I can however view the file on both machines if the item type is an mp4 file? The problem is whenever I render a file mp4 it only renders in 2ch stereo and not 5.1 surroound

Also when I render a movie my project settings are as follows..

Video format - Sony AVC/MVC (mp4,mt2s,avc)

Video Template - BluRay 1920x1080-50i 16mbps
Audio format - sony wav64
Audio template - 48000 hz 16bit 5.1 pcm

Description - Audio 48000 hz 16 bit 5.1 pcm
Video 25 fps 1920x1080 upper field first YUV, 16mbps

What settings would I select if I wanted all the above but with 50fps instead of 25 as 25 comes through a little jittery on my TV through a bluray disc.