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    have an exam coming up next week and our lecturer has told us that one of the questions that could come up and that we should revise for is...

    How can DVDís be used in commercial applications apart from the distribution of movies or audio?

    At the moment, I have...

    Product Catalogues - which saves money on postage and printing for the company.

    Bars and clubs - They are using the power of DVD technology to drive their business forwards. They now have plasma TV screens behind the bar playing DVDís to show customers of drink promotions.

    Shops and post offices - Shops and post offices have small TVs showing promotions and local businesses. They serve as a marketing tool.

    Business Presentations - Some businesses have started to use the power of DVD to show more aesthetically pleasing presentations. These presentations provide a very professional outlook for the business and allow the company to save pictures, text, graphics, video and audio - all of which can be very large in file size.

    VHS to DVD Conversion - Converting old training videos to DVD is a good practice. This is because videos have a limited life span. Eventually the quality is reduced, making it very unpleasant to watch. Also, if all videos were converted to DVD, the old training videos could be destroyed. This will make more office space as DVDís take far less space than a VHS video.

    Legal - DVDís are becoming a tool in the legal profession. DVDís are being used to record video evidence of a witness. These are used if a witness would like to remain anonymous. This type of evidence is used a lot in high profile cases, where there can be repercussions to the witnesses. DVDís are also used fro depositions.

    Trade Show Demonstrations - For a business to attract crowds they need a stall that will attract the thousands of visitors. This can be done a lot easier with DVDís. DVDís could be used to show demonstrations to the crowds. After all, a product will very unlikely sell unless if a demonstration of some sort is shown. A DVD is an excellent tool to show off a product demonstration.

    Magazine/Programme DVDs - Magazines and programmes are now being converted to DVD format. A consumer will almost always rather see an interview with a pop star for example, rather than read it. In addition, football matchday programmes can also be converted into digital format so that, for example, supporters in different countries can read the programme.

    Anyway, I just wondered if anyone has any other ideas?


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    They make excellent beer mats, and I believe Linda Barker onced used them to decorate a room (or that might have been CDs, but you get the picture).

    To stray away from the norm, why not go down the "DVD is dead and why are you setting a question based on old technology"? Include a few lovely paragraphs about Blu Ray and HD DVDs and how we're all really excited about them. No, we are REALLY excited.

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    And some people now distribute software on them.

    Also, when the same (sort of) question was asked of CDs people suggested bird scarers for the garden. Not quite sure how it worked though. Maybe you had to throw them at the birds like 'Marine Boy'.

    Anyone care to admit their age by remembering watching 'Marine Boy'?

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    If I was being picky James...

    I would say that seven and a half of your eight other uses include the distribution of video or audio or both.

    (If I was being picky........)

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