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    After playing with a 'video effect' for an hour, one is normally expected to astonish shoolmates with a YT tutorial. Instead, I added some titles and created a short instructional video which I can also use to promote my imaginary and non-existant acting career.

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    A very silly film. The bit towards the end was a surprise!
    But no audio???

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    This is obviously a viral video to promote your new meteor dust garden compost. It looks like just the thing my missus would love, I'll take a bag.

    Just one question about it's use, does it have a hallucination warning as I'm not sure Mrs M wouldn't like to see giant rodents.

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    I am sorry, there was no audio for budget reasons.
    Thank you (MB) for your interest in the product. It was not a hallucination - and I should warn you against pouring the bags down your trousers.

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