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Thread: Me and My Decks - Turntables in Technicolor

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    Default Me and My Decks - Turntables in Technicolor

    A while back ENC sent me the same footage as he sent Midnight. I decided to go a completely different route and make more of a performance film with Woody talking about what he is doing, sort of a send off to the set that Woody was moving on from.

    In post we collaborated back and forward on various aspects and compromises were made here and there, in general Im happy with the result.

    Edit: I forgot to add, due to the Hip Hop nature this video contains language that anyone watching at their work or around kids may not want being heard.

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    Nice one David. It's certainly a lot more dynamic than my version.

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    Thanks Midnight, glad you like it.


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    Can someone point me in the direction of some videos which show me exactly what these guys are doing. I still totally fail to get it.
    I see two decks, but I hear music from loads of different sources. How is this done? I'm genuinely ignorant.

    Personally I lost interest in this version of this video (whilst admiring the way you've put it together) because I found the ratio of narrative to example (eg Woody's interview to shots of him mixing) wrong for me. No doubt if I was into the music I'd have found differently. There again, if you'd just wanted to produce something in the tradition of enc's other "Me and my ..." vids, you'd have just produced Midnight's version - which would have been rather pointless

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    I very much enjoyed David's version.

    I don't know what software was used in the clip, but here is an example of a similar product: Video SL | . I can see the attraction of a improvisational performer wanting a syncronised light show, but have not yet seen an example of anyone displaying the finger skills of Chopin, nor anyone harnessing additional control with the use of their legs (as drummers do). However, it looks excellent for creating imitations of Max Headroom. And using this equipment is alot faster than doing it all manually in a standard video editor.

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    How is this done?
    As far as I can tell there are two stereo audio tracks on the computer and each one is governed separately by the time code on the vinyl records. One of them seems to be also connected to the video track. He does also have some FX buttons (under the computer monitor) and there may well be other things going that I missed.

    Well that's my guess.

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    Thanks for the thoughts/opinions guys.

    I never wanted to do just another version of what Midnight had done, when I reviewed the rushes I wanted to do something solely relating to what Woody is doing with the Audio/Visual mixing, and I wanted to do more of a video showing the set he created with it.

    So I dont see this is a general target audience edit, I also think the balance is wrong for that. This is more something for Woody/Hip Hop/DJ fans who would like to watch Woodys excellent technique, see the set and hear a bit of what Woody has to say about it.

    The last time I touched a set of decks there was no such thing as Time-coded Vinyl, it amazed me to hear about it and I think its great.

    In the olden days we had to have a pile of records sitting in order at either side of the decks, they came on and off the decks in the structured order for the sets. What Im seeing here is that the laptop contains all the mp3 files and the timecode on the vinyl is generic, it links to which ever mp3 is selected on a switcher, so instead of physically changing records its all done by the press of a button.

    The vinyl then takes on the characteristics of the the switched in record.

    On top of that, as Midnight says, the time code also controls the video. So a set of videos/motion graphics can be switched in in the same way as the mp3s and the play back of these can also be scrubbed back and forward in the same way as the mp3s are or the tracks directly on the vinyl used to be.

    When I was studying TV Production and Sound Recording the guy who lectured sound showed us one of the extras on a U2 concert DVD, there was a camera mounted in the corner of the OBU/Gallery. It was a joy to watch this guy directing the filming of the live gig. But for me even more so watching what Woody does with a set of decks, a bunch of mp3s and some video/graphics that hes created.

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    I like it!! Not my kind of music, so I had to quit around 5 minutes.... But it has a very interesting editing job on. Im sure it will please the right audience.

    Regarding the subject (and Im with Tim on that = total ignorance!), most times (check 3:40 for example) I have a feeling that the guy is pushing buttons and levers just to pretend that he is doing something on the music... I wouldnt be surprised if the "music" is 100% from a mp3 file and he (like 99,9% of artists on live shows) is on "playback".... Didnt understand much about the "time-code", but it seems that a lot of the timing is digitally solved, leaving no margin for errors (or human creativity). Of course, if this is true or not, doesnt bother me.... not my problem....but I would like to know if all those "sound effects" are really made there, live, at the same time, on the decks and sound-table.... In case yes, its a Big work!

    Nice job David. Liked the result. Thanks for posting.

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    Thanks for Posting this David.

    As I stated in the original post when I offered this footage
    To edit, who ever chose to collaborate had more or less free reign to do what ever they liked with it.
    Fortunately for me both midnight blue and David have produced something i would have..... had i the skills

    I see midnights version as an over view and as Tim points out probably closer in keeping with my "me and my" series of documentaries. David's version concentrates on the technical aspect and digs deeper into that.
    I would say midnights version for the casual viewer and David's for DJ's, promotors and hip hop fans.

    Ive enjoyed the Experience immensely and hope to work again with both MB and David.
    'No longer are the pleasures of Home Movie Making limited to those with ample funds. Now the man and woman of moderate means can join the sport'..... Kodak catalogue 1933

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    Yes must admit not my kind of music but I liked your version David ... I also liked MB's versions too for different reasons.

    This def was a different approach to MBs.

    I agree with what Enc says about MB version more suited to the layman and your version more suited to people who are experienced and skilled in the technique.

    Must admit I am on the same wave length as Tim ....(ie) I just don't get the music but that is hardly a criticism of your edit/version

    Great version David

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