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    I have a Panasonic NV-DS150B and I have no problem in capturing via firewire into either Pinnacle Studio 8 or UleadVideo Studio. But I also have a Sony analogue Hi-8 TR950E with many tapes I would like to edit. Am I correct in thinking that an "Analogue to Digital" converter would mean that I could plug the Sony straight into the converter and the converter into the Firewire port and then capture as for digital? If so does anyone have any suggestion as to where I might buy a good one and which one? Many thanks for any help as I am a beginner but very keen on digital video and editing. I have problems with the Pinnacle card as my PC refuses to recognise it so conversion seems the easiest way to me.

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    I was recently looking for just such a 'gizmo' myself. I ended up buying a 'Dazzle Fusion' to transfer my old VHS tapes onto my PC.

    The 'Dazzle Fusion' as far as I can tell is sort of 'last years' model and so I think I found it quite cheap. Of all places, I found mine in a Dixons store in the UK. If you're Uk based then look in the likes of Currys and Dixons and see if they have any left in the 'manager's special shelf'.

    Id should do what you want.


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    Default AV/DV conversion

    Alan - Many thanks for your advice. Am now scouring Dixon's, Currys, & PC World etc. I also have lots of analogue tapes left over from my days of a Panasonic MS-1. Doesn't time fly? All the Best. Richard.

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    Default Dazzle Fusion

    I paid 50 when I caught one in Dixons and was happy at the price to have it in my hand there and then.

    Alternatively, check out who seem to have a wait of a couple fo days and it is just under 50 so a decent enough deal I reckon.


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    Default Belkin USB 2 dvd creator

    You could also consider the Belkin USB 2.0 DVD Creator, it does a great job of converting my Hi8 video very quickly and just simply connects to your camcorder via the 'S' video or composite leads. Mine even came with Ulead Video studio6 to capture and edit the scenes.
    I believe this was all for under 50.00 from PC World about 2months ago

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