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Thread: Rending video games with high bit rates (Lost grass &Trees)

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    Default Rending video games with high bit rates (Lost grass &Trees)


    I set up a YouTube channel around 2 months ago. The reason for starting the channel i have always wanted to create videos and try my hand at commentary. I have a very good setup to capture and to render videos but im having issues rendering some of the videos. Here is my specs.

    Capture Device

    M17X R4 I7 3820QM 4.4ghx
    AMD 7970M overclocked to 1ghz
    8gb ram DDR3 1600hz
    1st hard drive is a 120gb Intel SSD 320 (write speed 261mb per second)
    2nd hard drive is 250gb Samsung SSD (write speed 351mb per second)

    Rendering Device

    Dell 690 workstation
    2 x Intel® Xeon® Processors quad core 3.7ghz
    32gb ram
    6tb storage space
    2 x Quadro affects f3500 sli
    Sony vegas 11 - Latest updates done

    Internet connection 50mb upload and a 50mb download

    I have been trying to render dayz for over 2 months and every time the out come in 1080p 30fps is very bad here is a link to my video

    My Channel - ✖ DayZ ARMA 2 » Day29 Ep4 » 30 Camping tents! - YouTube

    I have found a few people online with good quality. I have tried contacting both but they will not replay to me.

    Channel 1 - DayZ: They tried to take our van, so we let them have it... - YouTube
    Channel 2 - â—€ArmA 2: DayZ - Double Trouble, Ep 20 - YouTube

    So far i have watched around 100 videos on rendering and tried every format in and size.

    Please help.


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    A few questions to clarify things, Does the footage look good before you bring it into Vegas ? What are the properties of the footage you are working with ? Do you match these properties with the project properties in Vegas ?

    If you try and match these properties with your render setting you should get a reasonable result.

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    I am capturing at 29fps 1920 x 1080 and rendering at the same. The only difference being the bit rate I have tried Mp4 and wmv both with CBR and VBR from bite rate 4 to 50 all have the same issue

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    Thank you for answering but you didn't answer all my questions. The bit rate is important to the image quality, you should at least match the original bit rate to maintain the image quality but it's not worth going over the original as you can't get better than what is originally there. You will get better results rendering to mpeg2 but get a bigger file size. I have found that .wmv 1080p template is a good compromise for quality and file size.

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    The best I have found is H.264 - Offers fantastic image quality, Great file size reduction and just about every video upload site takes it nicely. I think Vegas has a h.264 template for 1080p

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