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Thread: Get up to 1 MILLION Youtube views!

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    Default Get up to 1 MILLION Youtube views!

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    If any staff require proof, please reply! Also, if anyone is interested the best form of contact would be skype.

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    Yeah we had the same thing a while back. Do a search on the forum and you will find this reaction from members. Youtube views

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    Really?! That's crazy! I've never understood the "sub 4 sub" thing either! If I like your vids enough, I'll subscribe, I'm not gonna subscribe to you just because you subscribe to me and ask me to! We're just bringing up those numbers that aren't legit, you could say... I have 36 subscribers, 15,500+ views. Maybe 5 of those subscribers are personal friends that subscribed when I first got started in my editing. The rest have subscribed solely because they like my videos enough...! I don't want 1 million views because I paid money for it! I want 2,500+ views because GoPro themselves saw my video and told me "That's a rad edit! Keep 'em comin'!" And their comment showed up on their youtube channel, and within 48 hours that video went from 360 views to over 2,000, and I got about 10 new subscribers over the next week! I worked hard on the video, did what I love doing, and it paid off...! Proof>>> Carolina Adventure World: 5/20/12 (feat. RED) - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by CR213 Productions View Post
    I don't want 1 million views because I paid money for it!
    Then, don't do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimAndrews View Post
    Then, don't do it.
    Who said I did? LOL!!!!!

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    What the hell is this post all about. Why would pay such amounts for mere 1,000,000 likes. I got it in 2 months without even bothering about anything. That also in videos from two different channels.

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    Hi mate, I like your comment.
    You should check out the post i submitted at this section of the forum! How you gain views/subscribers Legit. Without Bots or Paying money.
    Really worth your time. -> my channel

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    gopro are experts at shameless self promotion, but if you post some truths about the product they may come and remove your review via a DMCA..when that starts to happen it's a sure sign there are some major problems because we all need to see a balanced review of a product, the Hero3 certainly has some problems if you ran in and bought up the first batch

    the gopro is the first camera I have ever purchased which did not come with a tripod mount or lens cap as standard gear...thats a fail

    if your after popularity on the tube it's very content specific, problem is these days everyone is copycats of other producers, never trust a sub on the's the biggest scam on there
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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