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Thread: A good school for tv production.

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    Default A good school for tv production.

    Hi everyone, in about 2 years i am going to be going to collage, and right now i am very interested in tv production. I need some advice on some good schools, in this feild. The main things are i would like it to be within, 400 miles from Pittsburgh PA, and something at a reasonable price. I know most of you people are in the UK but you still might know of some. Again I am wondering if you know about any good schools for television production, (i am not looking for a film school, i am looking for television production schools). Ok thanks everyone, any advice would be appreciated.

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    This must be an american thing. In the UK you study something completely unrelated to your eventual profession. To be honest, anything you learn at Uni will be as good as useless in the real world anyway.

    If you really want to make it big in the TV or film industry, my understanding is that you work bloody hard for 20 years.

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    A little google search (Yes I had some time on my hands this morning) found the following that may be helpful.

    Franklin & Marshall seems to be the closest located in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Sorry, not familiar with any of these listings however personally.

    Hope this helps some and wish you well.

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    moldy, give me a holler on AIM. "is C this S it" is my Screen name.

    ill send you some information on things like that.
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