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    Hey People

    We have made this video for a school project and are limited by a bad quality audio. Is it possible by any chance to fix the audio noice or are the footage just to damage to even try ?

    watch it in HD on Youtube
    Århus Festuge 2012 - Grønnere Frederiks Alle - YouTube

    Please let us know if you have any suggestens

    Thank you for your time
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    The sound is pretty bad but there are a few tricks you can use in programs like final cut pro and sound track.I have included a few links for you to check out because its a little tricky and to hard to explain right here on this forum How to fix muffled audio : Apple Final Cut Pro basics How to Repair audio in Apple Soundtrack Pro « Final Cut Studio Audio/Video - Creative Sound & Integration

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    You can fix it by a good amount (since the original is pretty bad), but it takes a bit of work over sound/editing softwares. Impossible to explain by writing here, but it´s not impossible to learn by trial & error over them. Get a free trial of Sony´s SoundForge here for example Sound Forge Pro 10 Overview

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