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    Default Matchmove Showreel

    I am a recent graduate looking to get my first job in the VFX industry as a matcmover/camera tracker. Any feedback/critique would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

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    Looks good. I did notice the guy, jumping on the wobbly rocks in the finished comp, lost his arm a couple of times, so it would be a shame to have that in your showreel.

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    Looks alot of fun. Thanks for posting it. Whilst such software is slowly becoming more popular, not all demos will be as good as this.

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    Thanks Tim

    Hey midnight, im currently re-working that shot as the greenscreen room i shot in had 3 shades of green which was a nightmare when keying, ive just got a copy of Adobe CS6 so im gonna try key the shot in that and hopefully it will work better.

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    I look forward to seeing the re-done work.

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