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Thread: How Do I copy whole projects?

  1. Default How Do I copy whole projects?

    Hi everyone

    I have a project that may or may not have some
    glitches within it that is forcing a shutdown of
    vegas 11 hd.
    Someone suggested I create a new project and copy and paste
    The events from the old projects into the new?

    How do I do this. I have highlighted all events and
    copied them but when I create a new project
    it will not let me paste it in?

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    To do this, you need to have your exsisting Project remain open AND you then need to fire up a new INSTANCE of Vegas. Yes, you can have more than one instance of Vegas running at a time. Historically I've had up to 4 instances open at the same time. This is one of the many feature workflow options that us Vegas adventagiously utilise.

    OK another way is to SAVE the old project and then SAVE AS that old project under a new name.

    OK, that's that "issue" out of the way, which opens the door or can o worms to what really is the issue you're having with VP11. And this may very well move over to your newer Veg. In which case copying over may just copy over your issue in VP11. Better you seek out the issue? No?

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    Thanks Grazie,

    This did help. I appreciate all the advice on here.

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