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Thread: [Fraps + SonyVegas Pro10] h264 codec "Multi-Pass rendering ERROR"

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    Exclamation [Fraps + SonyVegas Pro10] h264 codec "Multi-Pass rendering ERROR"


    I'm coming here for help, because a friend of mine told me about this forum so here I go:

    I'm recording some WoW (World of Warcraft) footage using Fraps and Sony Vegas Pro 10 for It's edition.
    The project is something complex like this:
    (This is a random picture taken from Google, I just want to show you how my project looks in Sony Vegas. Actually, my project have more layers than that picture)

    Ok, I have a big project with a lot of edition like Effects, Masks, Green screen, PAN/CROP effects, zoom, music, etc...
    My PC can't handle so many effects (Processor: Core i3 - 2 GB RAM - Graphics: Nvidia 9500GT +1GB) so I need to set the worst "preview screen" in order to see a "fluid" project before rendering.

    At the time of rendering this project, I use a resolution of 1306 x 706 (Fraps' recorded file resolution) with h264 codec, multi-pass (THIS IS the MOST important thing) with a bitrate of 4500 kb/s.

    Alright, now It's time to render.
    I set my x264 codec to MultiPass - 1rst Pass.
    The first pass is done and I'm ready for the Second pass. So, now I press "Render as" again and leaving all the other settings like the first pass, I just set the "Codec settings" in order to change Multi Pass settings from "MultiPass - 1rst pass" to "MultiPass - Nth pass". And press "save", then "overwrite" on the file created by the first pass
    (You can see what I do on a better example by clicking here)
    but here
    the freakin' monstrous error appears:

    The translated Error: "Error creating the file xxxxxx.avi / Couldn't find any compatible video codec" or "No compatible video codec was found"

    This is turning me crazy! And I don't have time enough to keep trying. I wasted tons of hours in google trying to find this error and no progress, at all! At least the "spanish" community didn't reported the error yet, and I can't translate it exactly as the Sony Vegas English Client report, I think I'm screwed up :(

    Here comes the frase: "HELP ME PLEASE "

    PD1: Sorry for my poor english
    PD2: I already tried Single-Pass and it sucks! The sound is not in sync. with the video, and whenI start the video, the first frames... like the first 7-8 seconds are "lagged".. the start of the generated video by Single pass encoding is like a slideshow of screenshots without any fading, and after those 7-8 seconds, the video start showing "fine" but with the sound
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