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Thread: Help! Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 Multiple Audio Display

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    Default Help! Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 Multiple Audio Display

    Hello all,

    I'm new to this forum and would just like to say a thanks to all those that contribute, reading through the posts is always useful.

    Right to the problem at hand, I am currently using Sony Vegas 9.0 and have imported an MXF file containing 1 Video Channel and 4 Audio channels. Now here's the issue, when dragging the content on to the timeline only Channels 1+2 are visible, i know that i can then change this to Channels 3+4 via the right-click -> Channels option. What i require is the ability to see all 4 Audio channels (Channels 1+2+3+4) at the same time, is this possible?

    Again, many thanks for all those that contribute and anyone that can help with this issue.

    Have a good day,


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    As far as I know all the channels should be visible if they exist. Depending on your type of MXF file, this may or may not help. In the preferences there is an option on the general tab called "Import MXF as multichannel". If you tick this box and then bring the files onto the time line. It might solve your problem.

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    Hello Midnight Blue,

    I've just tried that and it worked just as you predicted, thank you for your help. As I may already have your attention, may i ask another additional question: When capturing in Vegas Pro 9.0 is there a way to moniter the audio levels, at the moment the only audio level display i can see is the Mixer window?

    Thanks again.

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    Do you mean the master level or the level for each track. If you click on the View menu in Vegas and look down the list you will see an item called "Mixing Console" this opens a whole bunch of level monitors and level sliders etc.

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