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Thread: Blue Valentine firework technique (how to?)

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    Default Blue Valentine firework technique (how to?)

    I'm booked to shoot a wedding (video) and this is my first legit project that i'll be getting paid for and having complete creative control.

    One key aspect that I plan to incorporate in my video of the wedding is the technique use at the end of blue valentine, I find it absolutely incredible:

    'Blue Valentine' end credits - YouTube

    (pictures hidden in dark and only brought to light as fireworks erupt across the screen revealing only parts of each pic)

    I plan to get stock footage of both fireworks and a sparkler and replicate it to the best of my abilitites.

    My question is what's the best way to go about pulling this off? I have more of a grasp of motion than I do AE so that's why I'm leaning towards it. Would it simply be a matter of fading in the pictures behind the fireworks and masking the out of focus bouqets?

    It seems simple yet has an incredibly powerful effect when couple with the proper music.

    Thx for anyone's help/suggestions/direction

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    That is in essence all there is to it. A simple way to do it would be to put the firework clip on one track above the wedding shots. Then alter the compositing mode of the firework track so the bright areas become transparent. In Sony Vegas (which is what I use) this would be the compositing mode called multiply (mask) BUT in other editing programs it may be called something different.

    This would only work best is the background is black and the fireworks are white.

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    As described, the clip shows the background wherever there is a 'firework'. But, the clip also shows an area around the 'firework', giving the impression that the light of the firework is also partly illuminating the area around it.
    In addition to MB's explanation, I might consider also using a heavily blurred version of your 'fireworks' to use as the mask. The more gentle move from light to dark may produce a more pleasing (and perhaps natural) graduated lighting of the background.

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    yup that's the help i was looking for, thanks greatly!

    know of many good websites for tutorials in motion?

    Thanks again guys!

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