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    Ive been in the process of setting up a music video site for a few months. Ive done a few vids for free to build up content. Here is one of them. The idea was for a cinematic, single light, hard cuts vid.

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    The beginning to the middle is very good, towards the end it needed to have more frame changes, but that could just be me. I thought it dragged on towards the end. For your lighting I would preferred if it was above or to the side or even bellow. I felt it bloated the face a bit, tere wasn't any shadows to show depth. But it does look professional. This is my student opinion lol.

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    There were just a couple of cuts I didn't like, where the camera moved away from your singer in a wide shot and I was expecting it to cut to something different, and then it cut back to him. But I enjoyed the simplicity of it. Good song too.

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    I think you've made a great job of this. A simple song with a simple video. I think there is just one change I would have made in the framing with the shots starting around 0:40, 2:22 & 3:07, I would have pulled out just a little more giving him more head room etc.

    Was it shot using just one light ? Perfect exposure and the mood of the lighting was very nice.

    Well done.

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    Thanks all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Was it shot using just one light ? Perfect exposure and the mood of the lighting was very nice.
    Yep, one light 650w bulb. Set the white balance to 'sunny' and the colour picture style to Finally, the new Marvels Cine Picture Style 3.x for Canon DSLR « Marvelsfilm’s Blog​ and didnt need to do any colour grading in post.
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    Really liked it. I didn't mind the framing that Midnight pointed out until one point where his hat, which was previously cut off by the top of the frame, dropped down, thus drawing attention to it.
    The glidetrack move towards the wine seemed a little uneven - though this may have been YT.
    My biggest criticism, and the only think which I think marked this down a bit, was he didn't look like he was singing. I suspect he was either miming or singing alond in a much more relaxed manner than the vocals on the recording suggest. (A bit like watching someone talking, but hearing them shouting)

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