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Thread: Please Help.. At wits end!!!!!

  1. Default Please Help.. At wits end!!!!!


    I am trying to render and save a rather long movie with Vegas platinum HD 11. The vegas program sits on my SSD drive that holds 111gb. I only
    have 25gb of space left.

    I am saving the movie on another much larger drive on my pc but at around the 50% complete the program shuts down or freezes. The problem is that even
    though I am saving my movie onto another drive, everytime I attempt it I lose space on my SSD drive. After my most recent attempt I now only have
    12gb space left.

    I have tried in vain trying to locate the additional space I have used so I can delete it on my SSd drive but cannot for the life of me find it. Would anyone know where this would be
    or shed any light on my dillemma?

    I have a ton of memory 16gb and a decent processor.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Looks like it's time to do some housekeeping on you disk by first removing anything on there that you don't need. Temp files etc.. Then take a look at what Vegas is putting on your SSD, if you have lost around 12 Gb from doing a render there must be some stuff that Vegas has put on there. I presume you are using Windows 7, so look in the preferences on the general tap at the bottom is the path of the Vegas temp files . Another thing to try is moving all your project files onto another drive, which is a good idea anyway, keeping your media on the same drive as your program files isn't the best way to set things up for video editing.

    You will have to tell Vegas the new location of the files when you open the project. Select "specify a new location or replacement file" when prompted and just browse to this new location and Vegas will adjust things for you.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi MB
    I have done the housekeeping on the disk already. The temp files already go onto my G drive which is what I want. It is my C drive that I have to try and locate these 12 gb worth of files. There are 4 files in total. How do I find what Vegas is putting on my SSD drive?
    Im sorry but I sometimes struggle with terminology I.T wise.

    I just thought they would be very easy to find and I could just delete them. Sorry MB but can you shed any more llight?

    Thanks again for replying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane2801 View Post

    I am trying to render and save a rather long movie with Vegas platinum HD 11. . . . . I only
    have 25gb of space left.
    How long is your movie - hours and minutes please? What TEMPLATE are you using to Render?

    . . . . .

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    Hi Grazie

    It started out as 2:45hrs but I have now split the movie into two parts. Both around 13 gb. When I try to render and burn the program will fail. I strongly believe the reason is I only have 12gb of space left on my drive. My template is Blu ray 1920x 1080 -50i 16 mpbs video stream.

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    Possible suggestion - Whilst you have asked Vegas to save the completed file into "G", perhaps Vegas stores temporary files somewhere on "C". When the app 'freezes', it might not be deleting those temporary files. So, each time you try and fail - a little more of "C" gets filled with unwanted files. I have no idea where Vegas stores those temporary files. It may depend on what version of Windows you are using (I suspect they may go into a 'temp' folder within an often hidden folder named 'appdata'.)

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    Agree with Post#6 - in my VS v10, the Path window is far too small to see exactly what's going where . . and as others have said this is important (because of the Vid files and working on several projects).
    Perhaps the thing to do is to make-up a short vid which is clearly marked (Title) at the start "Number1" in 72pt. Then Save (project) as NumberOne.vf
    (as you know this project file is only "instructions", not the actual master-clips themselves.).
    Now you should have a short .vf file which your OS can "Find/Search" and you can play it to be certain (by Opening another Vegas).
    Try rendering this and discover where it has will be quite short/small but I'd add some scrap vid so you can play it (from "Location" when found using Media-Player. I'd put the title as Transparent, then the Title can remain throughout the clip.

    Hope that helps.
    Of course it would help if Vegas (all versions?) would put up a sensible File-path Plan of what's where - as this miught help speed-up renders and improve "customers" experience. But I think these silly boxes are part of the Win OS which software devs use, because they can.

    You might risk one DVD and burn it as well - just to check where the next-stage Temporary files are . . . I discovered over a page-full of "Untitleds" which I presume are the left-overs when I don't "Name-Save" the rendered+Burnt stuff . . . . . it's all rather confusing. Note that Vegas also creates some "extra temp" vf files so you can "Recover" if the PC crashes . . . this has saved me several times when something has got rather tricky and I've tried to force the software, before it's ready (er, I think).
    Vegas Recovery seems to work well if you do it immediately.

    Hope that helps.
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    In Vegas / Movie Studios, see where your temporary files folder is. Like others have noted above, you'll find it in Options > Preferences > General and it's an AppData something by default.
    Google how to show hidden files and folders in Windows.

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    Thanks for all of your imput guys. I am slowly winning the battle. I have located where the files are. Sure enough they were in appdata/sony/vegas movie studio HD platinum. 47gb this shows as so I am 100% they are hidden in this folder. I cannot find them still as they must be hidden. I am using Windows 7 by the way. I have opened up the "organize" tab the folder and search options then selected "show hidden files folders and drives". I still cant find them or they are still hidden.

    Can I delete the whole folder or will this affect the program?

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    It's risky to delete something you can't ID .
    - maybe try to copy this suspect folder to another drive and have a play there.
    +Can't understand why (normal work-files) these should be "hidden".... unless you asigned that atribute, sometime.
    Ive used Studio and it has rendered a 4-hr vid - took overnight (all internal SATA drives ) . . . but had (& having) issues with DVDAS - so now I'd be inclined to split the film iinto two disc-worth's - before - rendering.

    However, I think you should do some short trials, to verify where VS is putting things . . . .

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