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Thread: My daughter's first summer

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    Default My daughter's first summer

    It's been a while since I posted, so I though I'd post my latest video. Predictably it's of my daughter. Just a montage of clips to some music.

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    Simply perfect in every way.

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    Cheers Dave. As an admin of a video editing forum, I sometimes feel a bit of a fraud rarely filming and editing. My little girl is the only reason my camera makes an appearance! It's one of those videos that the creator (and those with a link) will appreciate the most, but I thought I'd post to see if anyone has any thoughts of what else I could do (with the caveat that I don't have the time for much post production work!).

    I have to say that as I din't film that much, I'm only just getting to grips with a dslr for filming. This kind of filming is so much easier with a camcorder, but I take more pictures than video (shock horror), so it's a nice compromise!

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    I sometimes feel a bit of a fraud rarely filming and editing

    Oh really! What when you produce something like this, Your little girl is a star, its brilliant I loved it. Well edited with well chosen sound track. Well done Marc. More Please!

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    All together now - Ahhhh!
    Loved the flag shot.

    I hope you're capturing sound as well. You may not be aware now, but all those little sounds Elyssa is making is actually her talking. We were surprised how looking back on early videos of Elise how much of the noises she made were much closer to proper speach than we'd realised at the time.

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    I take more pictures than video
    Don't tell anyone but so have I this year.

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    The flag shot was obviously very staged. It took a bit of patience! I must say I'm so glad of taking so much video and piecing it together. When you've had a day of coughs, sneezes, nappies and sick, it's lovely to be reminded of the best bits of parenthood.

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    I thought this was brilliant Marc to be honest.

    First of all the quality of the footage on vimeo was so good.

    It was a pleasure to watch and all the different camera angles and the editing made this whole video fly by in a good way.

    Babies have such briliant expressions and are so funny without trying to be.

    Your little daughter is cool.

    Congratulations Marc and what a great video to look back on!!!!

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    She looks as though she is getting to what I considered the best stage. When there is much less mess to clear up and she starts walking. Watch out for the signs for those fist steps and keep the camera to hand. I missed the actual first steps of my daughter, so I filmed a reconstruction of it later that night. I know there is the expression the terrible twos but I really found that period to be great fun.

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