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Thread: Movies nowadays are crap compared with before.

  1. Default Movies nowadays are crap compared with before.

    It seems that now movie makers focus on the special effects and the narrative is just crap. I have watched a couple of films say on ch4, ch5 like kindergarded cop and they seem so much more enjoyable then all these explosions and so on. Are writers/movie makers running out of ideas. There is a new film now it is called Possession and when I saw the trailer in the cinema, I was like, here we go again. Some box that had hebrew writing, and the rabbi says blablah is the word for demon, oooOOOOooooOoOoOOoo (sarcastically) at that point I was like you can not be serious. It just seems that everything has weak narratives.

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    Writers are not running out of ideas. Movie makers (asin the creatives) are not running out of ideas. If you can see between the dross, you'll find all sorts of fantastically imaginitve and inspiring videos on the net. Some example exist among the the films I showed at Staines Video Makers Chairman's night .

    What I think you're referring to is the major releases. The issue here is not the lack of ideas, but the desire for the investors (who, to be fair, are risking massive amounts of money) to ensure box-office success. This is the reason that so many films are sequels to successful films, remakes of successful films or films based on other successful media (eg DC or Marvel Comic series. bestseller books). It's also the reason that just about every film on mainstream release has a "major star". It's normally at the insistence of the investors rather than the choice of the director/casting director. Same reason: when was the last time you heard of a mainstream release with an unheard of cast.

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    Just start watching Film4 late at night and you will be amazed at what there is out there.

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    Sorry I meant movie makes for big releases, for cinema.

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    If you mean "block busters/action adventure" then what do you expect. I saw the trailer for the new Judge Dread. What a pile of crap that looks.
    I've heard good things about the new Total Recall but I haven't seen it. I don't get to the movies very often. You will find this out why when you have kids.

    I did get to see the Dark Knight and found it ok. I think it depends on what expectations and state of mind you view it with. Whenever I go and see a "teal & orange" I know what to expect.

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    When was "before"? And how many films counted then (and now) as being 'big releases'?
    I can name several films which made me laugh aloud at their script/plot/acting/specialFX. I suspect that some folk hanker after some golden past which occured when they were between 15 and 25 years old. For myself, I thought the Star Wars script was rubbish, along with the FX of the shark in 'Jaws'. I now watch dreadful films on the SkiFi channel, believing they cannot be any worse than films I have seen before.
    The reduced costs of cameras has fuelled the birth rate of films. The public, eager for 90mins of escapism, appear eager to eat all they can; and then grumble afterwards. Sensible punters, like TVavengedSevenfold, take the time to check out a film before committing themselves to a wasted 2 hours.
    I suggest that the quality of filmmaking has not changed overall, but that rubbish is more easily found.

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    There are some great movies out there -- check out "Another Earth" with Brit Marling

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    I have to agree Movies aint what they used to be, but then if the present day Jo public likes synthetic special effects and it sells the movie at the box office the producer's get their money back.

    Special effects seemed to overtake the plot or the story at one stage, for me I gave up watching the movie, you could see it was poor quality fake effects.

    Typical examples when they try to do remakes of, The Italian Job, The flight of the Phoenix. Randal and Hopkirk diseased. I gave up half way through them all.

    Like the early James Bond Movies they were expensive to produce because they smashed up real cars boats and aeroplanes etc. OK Use special effects but don't over do it and loose the plot.
    If anyone is after an idea to create a good story without any special effects. Have e look on Youtube for "Good night mister Tom" Starring John Thaw, about a WW2 Evacuee. Its a brilliant story. Highly recommended.

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    The same is true for any form of media, books, music, films, TV.
    No matter what the overly creative Director, the wonderfully talented special FX team or the extensive cast list say, it is always always about one item.

    Let's make some money.

    But what if you are able to strip down production costs? Manufacture cheaper cameras, consumer level PCs that can produce 1080p content and software that is coming down in price.

    Suddenly a large chunk of the world has access to this art form and can share their art with the entire world at minimal cost.

    Wait 10 years and I think you'll find the film market to be extremely different.

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    The first CG films were great then the directors came to the conclusion as long as it had better and better CG the story line could be rubbish so the good CG movies are few and far between.

    The same is happening with the fake "3D" produced. The directors think: "Throw in a few custom 3D scenes and it will sell." What it actually does is look as contrived as it is and destroys the flow of the movie. I don't watch 3D and never will. To me it's like looking at a kiddies popup book. 2D characters in focus on a 2D blurred background. Nothing even remotely 3D.

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