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    Two posts, two videos? With no request for advice on either? Seems like you're just seeking hits to your video, but I'll get the ball rolling...
    The title sequence is great and raises our hopes of something really interesting, which isn't delivered. You've not really framed your shots very well. Sometimes you're panning across the car with rather random movements like you would around the beach at Lanzarotte. You don't really move around to get angles of the car you wouldn't get being stood over it yourself - try to see new angles which show the object from an interesting point of view. Capture the reflection of one car in another. You probably should have boosted both contract and saturation too. I would also have included the facial expressions and reactions of the poeple around the vehicles so you are capturing the moment. Finally, these are just very typical shots of the vehicle and you've done nothing to experiment with capturing in a unique way. I would get a macro lens and focus right in, within inches of the engineering - the joints around the hydraulic armature for the spoiler of the Veyron, the dorsal fin on the Lambo, the badge, the grill - things people overlook but are also highly engineered and bits of artwork in their own right.

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