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Thread: Full rights use one of my songs

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    If anyone is looking for some rap/weird music for one of their videos id be glad to provide you with permission to use a song. Even if you do it for profit. I made a rap cd mostly for fun. I don't think im the next eminem (LOL I read that in preview and I read it as I think im the next eminem hahaha) and im not trying to be. For me its just for fun.

    Anyways the song is

    If your interested please email me at


    PS: I feel like my music isnt very good but its catchy. So sometimes that can work well

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    I must admit that "some rap/weird music" made me skip past, but it's rather good - perhaps for a vid telling a story...
    However, I don't use tracks with vocals... the reason is it distracts from what "I'm saying" and the audience will use some brain-power to decode the words . . . . so maybe you need to think about a "plain" version? Maybe folks pay you to remove the vocal, dunno and that may go against what you want to do.

    Sadly, I don't like drummers stealing the show - yr track is two ~equal parts - the instrumental and the drummer - move him next-door, so it's there but only just. If yiu can find a double bass (ie bowed) or a timpani (LF on the beat, perhaps) all the better for when I get my Sub-built as most pro viewing stages will have massive speakers, so the bass can be heard. TVs temd to remove Bass, but drummers are more-widebandwidth IMHO.

    I don't have any project for you at present but the above would be my advise - for what it's worth . . .
    Should you want some Themes to work-on . . you could look at TV listings for a specific day and try to create their "Intros" [Not copies!] . . . in yr own style .. . then ask folks which is which?

    If you can, try to make a CD/DVD of those (on DVD saved as .WAV files is common), then folks can try before they buy. There is a huge demand for music and the performing police are pretty tiresome when it comes to non-commercial use - however, IMHO you should restrict your rights to non-commercial (or "low commercial" perhaps where the viewers are in the hundreds, maybe... as it was a sillydeal that stopped the catchy insurance tune making money for the originater (Fokelore?). And always ask for a Credit, but be careful over the "group" name, it needs to have a "long shelf-life" - for example "London Olympic" might have been good a few weeks ago but soon loses its shine. and I'd avoid a group name that include a "number" Like "Michael Blogg Three" as it's difficult to orchestrate.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the reply and the information everything is very helpful!

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