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Thread: Confused about 480p

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    Default Confused about 480p

    A competition is requiring video clips to be created as:
    "Maximum screen resolution height of 480p with commensurate width to give an overall aspect ratio of 16;9 (w:h)"

    I am slightly confused. Either to what does it mean, or/and how to use Premiere (Pro CS4) to generate/export such clips.
    Does it mean a video clip of 854 by 480 pixels? I tried to create a Premiere Sequence of that size, but don't think I was able to.

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    Does it mean a video clip of 854 by 480 pixels?
    That would be right if the video has square pixels. It's one of the standard YouTube resolutions. If it's not square pixels I think the width should be 720 with a pixel aspect ratio of 1.2121

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