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    Hi there, My name is Angela Sharman and I am always on the lookout for new projects! My current work is on the following link and I can write for a wide range of music and instrumentation) (soundcloud link:
    I have finished compositions which are available and I also like writing to specific ideas!
    One of my solo piano compositions was shortlisted for a New Music prize among five finalists in Denmark, 2010, (you tube link of my performance of this:
    I try to write emotional melodic music, and everything from solo piano pieces to my flirtation with small orchestras, inbetween being a mum of two young children (which sometimes means me writing music at 3 am!) ...current projects include a student's short film here in the UK, at editing stage, and a piece for piano and small orchestra ...
    If you like my style then please feel free to email me at

    Thanks, Angela

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    - that's some good stuff that your site (?) is highlighting - So much nicer to hear music rather than a guitar and band, where the drummer seems to get most of the bandwidth.

    Just bought a Royalty-free DVD full of .wav files and frankly its a waste of money - but there was no preview, now I know why. Distorted Guitars, drummers and maybe his younger brother, too.

    I'm after simple instrumental chamber music varying tempo and pref without a drums or guitars. The lack of vocal would be good too, as these could be added by rent-a-mob if the need ever arrises . . . .

    Are your (e.g. as sampled) pieces available and at what cost or is there likely to be a Copyright issue . . . this wasn't clear to me.

    The snag with Copyright being that the Phono Police are just far too strict on what can be used - , although I'd never use music from a Film (far too confusing anyway) and Pop-tunes fall into the general group of Drummers (plus vocals).

    -Are you au fait with Kevin McLeod's work? - He seems to combine royalty-free with commercial pieces written/performed for (grander) specific projects.

    + Your writing for Movie-students means (I believe) you are at the right genre . . . Good luck.

    EDIT: Have you left us - ? (msg 30 Sept)
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    Thanks for your interest in my compositions, kind comments and advice that I'm in the right genre, what kind of projects do you do and what kind of instruments are you looking for? How long would you need a piece to be, and what deadline? I find it really exciting to write music 'from scratch' to a specific idea or project and although piano is my main instrument, as you can see from my Soundcloud page, I do have pieces for other instrumentation too ...currently am finishing a student film where I've done a score for strings and added beats only because it was an 'urban' style film and I thought it underlined the feel of the film a bit more, but my current project is for piano and small orchestra in a more 'chillout' mode :o)

    Re copyright and cost, all the pieces on there are available and they're all under my copyright, if any of them fit what you are looking for then just let me know which one, I could also extend it for you if need be, or edit it down, or change instrumentation ...I haven't finished 'Fool's Paradise' for piano and orchestra yet, but the rest are finished pieces ... Apart from being credited, I would charge a very reasonable fee depending on how much editing work or if the piece needed doing 'from scratch' ... I'm not aware of Kevin MacCloud but will definitely have to check him out!!

    Look forward to hearing more about what kind of piece you want, drop me an email and let me know!

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    ...just to clarify, I would charge a reasonable small fee for anything 'from scratch', but would be able to offer already completed pieces free but with the idea that I'm credited, not sure I made that clear! Look forward to hearing more

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