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Thread: My royalty free music for your videos!

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    Default My royalty free music for your videos!

    hi to everyone!
    I'm an independent musician and I have published a lot of music the royalty free site audiojungle, expecially suited to videogames and preview videos / trailers.

    You can listen to my portfolio here:

    bosone | AudioJungle

    where you can find a lot of different generes of music, from rock to soundtrack, from ambient to children’s lullabies. The feelings expressed by my music varies a lot from romance and love to epic fantasy, from thriller and horror to hope and joy.
    I hope you will find something that suits your musical tastes!
    I am not a full time musician but, depending on time, effort and quality of the music needed I'm also open to collaboration!

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    just a short bump on this message!
    I have a new category available: short metal loops, in which i will regurarly add some new clips

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