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    Hey guys & girls,

    I'm Luke, founder of a visual gaming production org, Where we put our editing knowledge to use, to create visually enhanced video game clips.
    I thought some of you might find it interested, seeing other ways editing is put to use, if you've not seen this side to editing before.

    Take a look at our latest clip.

    Feel free to ask any questions about how anything's done, i'll be happy to answer.
    Cheers guys, Hope you all enjoy watching .

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    Quote Originally Posted by LukeRo View Post
    visually enhanced video game clips
    What does that actually mean? I don't know this particular game, so cannot tell what has been enhanced. I don't have alot of gaming experience, so find the jerky action a little hard to follow.

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    I think that's the crux of this type of editing Tim. You really have to know the game that's been enhanced. I've seen a few of these and followed a few tutorials on YouTube. These guys put in a lot of creative work but it's only really noticed by others who know the games.

    For a dinosaur like me, I just don't know what is original and what is enhanced.

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