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Thread: First Experience Directing Large Crowd - Music Video

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    Hey guys I just thought I'd post this and say a little bit about a music video I shot over the summer.

    It was a really challenging project for me as a director in that I had a group of around 100 actors involved. I learned know that I learned a ton about keeping the atmosphere fun and getting everyone excited to and 'into character'. Previous to this, the largest cast I had ever directed was something like 10 people, which is a completely different experience to directing 100.

    A little background on the video. My churches youth group goes on an annual beach trip where we literally camp on the beach and do a bunch of really cool stuff. Basically, my youth pastor had the idea to try and shoot some sort of "music video" to commemorate this year's trip, which we call "Blast to the Coast". As we began brainstorming we came up with, what we thought to be, a pretty hilarious way to flip "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rea Jepsen and make it a really funny music video. So we took along a Go Pro 2 and Flip Ultra (because it wouldn't be a big deal if it got ruined in the sand) and shot our version!

    If you're interested in the seeing the final video you can check it out here:

    *Disclaimer* Remember that it was shot on mediocre cameras with nonprofessional actors

    We were at the beach for 5 days so each day I focused on one of the "scenes" in the video and made sure that I got all the coverage I needed. Day one, two and three we shot the largest crowd scenes. Day four I shot with the groups of around 15 people and day five I filmed with the main actor and the three girls.

    Hopefully you enjoy some part of it and are inspired to go shoot something!

    Feel free to tell me your thoughts! Honestly, anything you're thinking is welcomed!

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    if you were able to keep 100 actors organized then u definitly have a future in the movie business!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Malone View Post
    if you were able to keep 100 actors organized then u definitly have a future in the movie business!!!
    Well thank you sir! I sure hope so.

    Any comments about the video itself?

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