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Thread: AVS Video Editor 6.2(non-activated) - Warped video/audio synchronization HELP!

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    Exclamation AVS Video Editor 6.2(non-activated) - Warped video/audio synchronization HELP!

    I just joined this forum in hopes that i could get an answer for what seems to be an easy task, but has turned into a really tough question!

    I imported a .mov file into avs video editor of myself covering a song for a band. Since the mic on my dslr isn't that great, I decided to import the song file(.m4a) and synchronize it to the video that I had filmed earlier. To my surprise, the audio track was a little over a second longer than that of the video!! The song on my computer is just BARELY slower than the song in the video!!! I don't know how to fix this at all! Might it have to do with the fact that I burned the song onto a cd, then recorded a video of me playing/covering it? Or is it something I did when uploading the video to my computer? Maybe the video editor??

    please help!

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    Can you tell us if the "audio" track is the same performance your DSLR (mic) recorded?

    If you get a time-warp and it is the same performance this is down to the minute difference in crystals used for timing (although there could be other effects- I'm assuming your audio was recorded on a SDHC solid-state recorder....if tape, then forget it . . . life' s too short.)

    As I read yr post these recordings were NOT at the same time - but you presumably syncd pretty much spot-on (and 2-sec you'd notice). So it can still be the difference in crystals.

    This has been a subject here about 6-months ago I recall, but basically you record (video and Audio) something accurate like a clock and then calculate a fiddle factor, (eg video is 0.999 . . . if the audio is longer by 1 part in a thousand). You work out how many frames that represents (whole frames only) and grab the tool in the Editor to move the whole thing so it's shorter by that amount.
    Now the video and audio will start and finish together...... apply the same fiddle to your footage and it's done. Make a not of the factor for repeats.

    Easier to do it using the camera and a decent ext mic. if you can.
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    vidmanners, Could you help me understand? I'm fairly baffled by some of the terms, Could you please explain what these terms mean? I've never come across them before and I'm fairly sure the original poster has not come across them either. It also might be helpful to enlighten other users who have a similar issue

    Where can I find an "accurate clock" and what does it do?
    How do I calculate a fiddle factor? What is it?
    I thought SDHC is generally flash based rather than solid state? and why would it be a problem if he recorded onto some sort of tape medium?
    What are the crystals used for timing? I've never heard of that.

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