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Thread: Can't capture sound?

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    Default Can't capture sound?

    I'm new to this video editing thing, so I don't know what I'm doing.

    I have adobe 6.0 and my camera uses USB streaming.
    Movie Maker 2 captures the audio and video perfactly from the camera. But when I use adobe 6.0, I don't know how to capture the actual audio. It just captures the video, and now I have no sound with it....

    So, what option do I need to change in order to fix this little problem?

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    The problem could be with drivers or something, but the best solution whatever the problem would be to change to using firewire transfer to capture your footage.

    USB isn't any good for DV transfer, you'll only need a firewire PCI card (if you haven't already got one), and a cable, but you usually get one bundled with the card. shouldn't cost more than Ģ15, and you'll notice a big increase in quality, and sound shouldn't be an issue either.
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    If its a Sony DVD camcorder, its most likely that the Audio from the camcorder is in AC3 format and has to be converted to MPEG audio using the supplied sony picture package software.

    Unfortunately, Adobe and many other software don't like working with AC3 audio.

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