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Thread: My first music video. "I Don't Care".

  1. Default My first music video. "I Don't Care".

    Hi guys this is the first proper video I've ever tried my hands at (in terms of nice quality, made two before this with a standard digital camera) there's a couple parts I already know could be improved, but I'm looking for your general opinions and criticism.

    This video was filmed with a Nikon D3100... Also I'm the guy on the first verse.

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    Nicely filmed, the look of the video fits the mood really well. I like the location too.

    Room for improvement? I think you should have built on the abduction narrative you introduced at the start - it makes for more compelling viewing, or otherwise some mixed up shots what that similar menace.

    I felt in a few places it could have done with quicker cuts. I thought the jump cuts you used worked nicely though.
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