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    Hi everybody
    during our mountain holidays we had a lot of time to ride and film some muni action...We had a lot of fun and a awesome views over the mountains...

    So lean back and enjoy...

    Filming was with a GoPro and a eos 550d(only one or two scenes because the canon is to heavy for long rides...)


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    Nicely put togetehr. Great opening shots and whilst not as great a shot the ending erm, ended, the piece nicely.
    You guys are mad, but clearly highly skilled.
    It was a shame about the colour on some of the shots (the green/blue cast)
    I liked the occasional lens flares - were they all naturl or did you add them (if so you followed teh light really well)

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    Very nice BUT utterly mad. I love the shot at 1:30 were th guy is looking in disbelief at one of you unicycling down a mountain.

    I agree with Tim some nice shots etc. The end was a problem for me. The last two shots need colour correction and also it seemed to end abruptly. Apart from that well done.

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