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Thread: Trampoline, slackline,....Extreme sport videos

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    Default Trampoline, slackline,....Extreme sport videos

    i also edit videos for some friends which practicing sports like trampoline, slackline, water jumps and more...So have a look at it...

    The editing is a little bit slow i know


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    I loved the variety of the shots. I didn't really "get" the very beginning and the second shot seemed a bit of a strange choice as the jumpers head was cut off, but the following shot/composite (0:12) was excellent.

    I really liked the grading and the slo-mo. I wasn't at all keen on the variable speed emphasising the beats. Playing with velocity like that takes quite a bit of effort and all credit to you for the experiment, but for me it didn't work (others may love it of course).

    I thought the pace of the edit was fine for the audio and visual material.

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    Yeah i agree with you...
    Not every people like this kind of edits, i know ,its a little experimental edit made for and by teenager..

    Some people like over-edits, other people like quite edits...And this is good i think, for me it's good to see every weeks new types of editing...

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    The shot at around 25-30 seconds scared the sh*t out of me. The waster is surly not deep enough to jump from such a hight and he looked very close to the fallen tree when he landed. I agree with Tim about the jerks on the beat didn't work for me as it was used too much. There are a lot of Twixter artifacts which I found distracting.

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