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Thread: GOOD or BAAAAAD? Looks professional???

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    Default GOOD or BAAAAAD? Looks professional???

    What do you think of the production of this video? What did we do well and what could we have done better?
    I'm curious and I want to improve.

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    I'm curious and I want to improve.

    Welcome to the Forum. What do you want to improve in this video? For me I enjoyed it. Very professional, very creative and the cutaways well executed. Sorry but you may not want to hear this. I thought. Nice work, very well done! Good view count on Youtube and positive comments. I would agree you've got it about right here.

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    It was very good. And I doubt anything I can say would make it 'better'.
    I am only able to detect a few, almost insignificant things; which, were I skilled enough to have created this video - I would have done differently.
    I don't have your skills. This is just my own, inexperienced, point of view.

    a) 0:47 There is a distracting flash of light near the top left. The eye goes there, but is almost immediately drawn to the right hand side of the screen. Although the flash looks nice, I found it distracting.
    b) I sensed the indoor (on the sofa) shots were intended to give a warm, pinky colouring; but I would have preferred it was less warm coloured.
    c) Given the quality if the rest if the clip, the bed scenes seemed unnecessary.
    d) 2:32, I did not like the out of focus shot. Whether deliberate or not, it looked wrong; having followed 2 previously in-focus shots.
    e) 1:04. I thought the couple were either too close to each other, or the camera needed to be nearer. And I am unsure what she is fumbling with, with her right hand.
    f) 2:42. The lady leaves the scene, but does not completely exit the scene. I am unsure whether or not a few more frames would make it look nicer.

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    Agree with the above. A good mix of performance and narrative. Only once did I feel a shot was overused (the wide shot of the couple by the tree - and I don't even know why I felt that).
    The only thing I felt was missing was a bit of camera movement during the more static shots (eg the couple on the armchair) - not pan/tilt but Glidetrack. We're so used to seeing that nowadays it was almostnoticable by its absence.

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    Nice stuff, but FWIW I'd prefer to watch the band and use Picture-in-Picture for the "domestics" - sure that's the interesting thing, so you can resize as needed, but I found it distracting switching between the two for no obvious reason . . . as both presumably go hand-in-hand as the song develops.... and the Singer appears in both views(?).

    I'm not that keen on high contrast, but you know the band.

    Don't shoot the messenger - oh I'm not am I?
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