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Thread: Funny squirrels - Classic Music video.

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    Default Funny squirrels - Classic Music video.

    I love music! My dream was to make clips on favorite music, now, with HDSLR it came true.
    When we (me and my wife) were shooting this animals, we already knew what music it will be... Turn the volume up!
    Shot on Canon 60D+ Helios-40 85/1.5, handheld. No Picture Styles, no Magic Lantern, no Color Correct (no need when using Helios). Some stabilising (not all) in Digital Fusion.

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    Interesting idea, and good music choice for sure. Liked your video. Looks like a very beautiful place you were at. Maybe you could include some panoramic shots in order to break the similar sequences of squirrels running? Or also other animals in movement? Greetings from Brazil, Tony

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    Tricky buggers to film aren't they. No sooner do you frame them than they jump out of shot. A good effort tough. Agree with everything TonyBR says from music to some additional shots for variety.

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    Very nice!

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