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    My newest jump rope video! This time I wanted to focus on the whole "go-hard" theme of some of the tricks and stunts we had been doing. Any feedback is appreciated and I hope you like it!

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    Some great tricks/jumps whatever you call these skills.

    I think what you need to work on now is involving us in a video. What you've shown us up until now, as here, is an observer's point of view

    To go to the next level I think you need to do two things: plan the video with shots in mind - choreograph it, f you like and create a narrative.

    Work with a group of JumpRopers and film a particular sequence seberal times from lots of different angles. Get close-ups (of feet skipping on the floor - or on other bodies from the looks of things, of hands gripping ropes). Get cut-aways of the environment.

    Develop a narrative this can be as simple as starting with people arriving at a venue or tieing shoelaces, going through a routine, the look on their faces when they finish and "come down" and picking up their bags and leaving the venue. Or you could make a story of a team working on a new trick, show them developing it (include a few mistakes and repeat tries of something until they get it right) then perhaps culminate in the trick being performed at a comp (don't foget lots of cutaways of the audience and judges).

    You may think this is "cheating", but it's a film of what happens in real life.

    A narrative, no matter how basic, helps keep the audiences attention.

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    Thanks for posting. I enjoyed it.
    I still think the rope visibility is an issue (as mentioned in
    Many of the shots seem to occur in a gym during a competition. The 'focus' becomes less a display of the stunts, but more a collection of clips taken during a competition. I found it distracting to see lines of judges and unrelated markings on the floor.
    Whilst I find the stunts and tricks extremely clever; some of the shots simply look like folk jumping into the air whilst folk on the sides wave their arms around. I am sure that with proper lighting and unobrusive surrounding that the stunts would look even better.

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    Well that takes skipping to a whole new level.

    Good advice from Tim if you can follow it.

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    Amazing stuff! The guy at 0:35 and 2:00 is realy good, eh? The mixing of training and competition is on the way to what Tim said (narrative), so I guess that te next step will involve a script and planned shots. You have a very interesting subject in hands. Bet you can produce a very good film from it.

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    I agree that it would be very cool to be able to get different takes, and be able to set up different angles for different shots, and I also think that rope visibility is still a problem. I'll have to try that soon when I can, however some tricks are just too scary to do more than once

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    And at :35 and 2:00 that's stewart, right now he's the world champion in freestyle and speed. He's the one who does the wallflip off of tyler's back as well.

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