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Thread: Extreme Stunt Show - 2 Min music edit.

  1. Default Extreme Stunt Show - 2 Min music edit.

    Filmed this at Trinity Park in Suffolk the other day, edited to an over used wub wub wub track.

    Also got a more basic interview version coming up.

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    You had some good shots there and the editing wasn't for the most part a distraction - the excitement was in the stunts and I believe that's how it should be.

    The exception was the monster truck sequenec where I suspect you tried to compensate for the fact that whilst they might be impressive close-up, they're not really that exiting in a video. I didn't like the cutting and reverse shots here, they detracted and drew attention to the edit (and away from the subject matter). I think you cold have used these shots to naturally slow down the pace for a few seconds, which would give us some breathing space and make the stunts seem all the more impressive when they come back in. Clearly you'd have to do something with the music as well.

    How did you get access - you clearly weren't just part of the audience? Some shots were right in amomng the action - did you have to sign waivers, get insurance, and wear hi-viz & protective clothing?

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    Thanks Tim.

    This edit was mainly for a fun quick edit to some annoying catchy music. Reason for this was because I have the 'normal' interview edit

    Filmed for A-vision. I was asked to film. I had a high vis jacket and pampers on.

    EDIT: I've split the second fiilm into a new thread to avoid confusing comments.
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    I think it works well with the interview.

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