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Thread: Electronic Whiteboard Animations (Video Scribing)

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    Default Electronic Whiteboard Animations (Video Scribing)

    Some of you may have seen this type of video floating around the web recently:

    Lancor | Switch Video

    Originally, these type of videos started off as people drawing on an actual whiteboard and the animation was recorded live and synced to the audio. I would prefer to take a different route and either:

    A) Record using an electronic white board (using a pen and tablet tool) and then have a hand added in later somehow.

    B) Have the illustrations pre-drawn and the path traced like the following tutorial demonstrates:

    Animated Handwriting in After Effects Layers Magazine Layers Magazine

    C) If all else fails, an actual whiteboard with an illustrator being filmed live.

    I'm not a video editor myself and will be hiring one (I already have a great illustrator with a pen and tablet tool). I just need some much needed advice on what approach I should be taking to producing these type of videos.

    Should I be looking for somebody skilled in After Effects, Flash, etc ?

    Thank you in advance, any guidance is MUCH appreciated.


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    Your final choice may be related to the complexity and number of the screens, the realtime required to draw them, the speed your want them to appear to have been drawn, and your preferred method to recording the overlay of the real 'hand and pen'.
    Another option (similar to option B) would be to use moving masks to slowly make the image appear in stages. AE might would not be required.
    If the Illustrator's tablet is capable of recording the image whilst it gets drawn, my preference is for option A. Then it would be easy to use video editing software to speed up the drawing.

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    Actually, there's an app for that, called, appropriately enough, VideoScribe. More info here. It apparently does most of the heavy lifting for you.

    (I found this thread while Googling for the same idea, and since it's not too old I thought I'd post for the benefit of anyone else in a similar situation.)

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    If you need any assistance with VideoScribe, then let me know as I have a Pro account with access to all the trimmings!


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