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Thread: Rendered vid blurry/pixelated on Youtube

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    Default Rendered vid blurry/pixelated on Youtube

    Hello guys! This problem has been very disappointing and annoying. I have been using Sony Vegas Pro 11, and I rendered to a WMV file. I'm a total noob at video editing and rendering, and tried many render settings suggested online.
    But my video looks like this: T3C Parkour Part 1: Le Beginning! - YouTube (jump to the middle, about 5: 40) It is alittle better on 480p, but very bad on 320p.
    Many have told me to render to mp4, but the result is even worse: T3C Parkour Part 2: Ink Ballz! - YouTube
    When you look further away, or if I turn quickly, it looks like the video is not sharp and it is pixelated.

    Also, I record with DXTORY, 1080p, 30 fps,and the files are huge: 100+ gb. (avi.)

    Please help with my problem!! I'm very desperate... Give me some render settings and instructions, as I want nice sharp Youtube videos!!

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    If you use the 8Mbps HD 1080-30p wmv11 template you should get a reasonable result with a reasonable file size.

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