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    Very good intro, but forget the part from 0:12 - 0:31 the just the sam title after the main intro would do. You have very good gaming footage good kill feeds, good kills, however you need a better soundtrack and tempo cutting. The track you choose is to slow and too calm. I'll give you a example a very basic one. The intro to eye of the tiger the part " duh da duh da duh da duh da duh doh da" each "da" could be a shot/kill. You seem to be cutting from clip to clip you could try to interlink them if they are the same footage fast forwarding to the exact time to match the next da. If you don't get these kills you desire in each game of battlefield you could try fade them in or improvise. For example when the camera moves behind the wall when it comes back in view it could be another clip and give the illusion of the same setting. You have the right idea with the intro and the video footage but the pieces needs to be more tight and to the beat so that the viewer engages with song, and in doing so engages with your video.

    Sources: Played many video games, and watched many montages etc.

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