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    Iím in the process of recording content for a website. Tutorials, instructional videos and such. Iím a recording engineer so I have plenty of experience with audio gear. I would like to be able to record such a session, utilizing HD video augmented by an audio feed from my studio gear straight into a computer, so the footage can be easily and quickly edited and processed without having to first record onto the camera, then import the files into the computer for editing. The result would be an HD video with well mixed audio. This is proving to be more complicated than I thought. Iíve considered picking up a Canon Rebel, since the HD video looks real nice and the price is right for me. On the computer end, Iíve been fooling around with Cyberlinkís power director 9. This program does have a capture feature that takes HD from a firewire port, but Iím not sure how or if the Rebel exports/streams out HD video. If anyone has any idea what Iím trying to get at or can point me in the right direction, Iíd be very grateful. Thanks!


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    Cameras like the Rebel record onto memory card so just copy the files onto your computer and you're ready to go.

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    Are there cameras out there that will record onto a computer?


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    Webcams. ! You can wire up some cameras but you need the software to do the recording. Of which, I know nothing.

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