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    Default DVD Architect menu buttons


    For anyone with experience with DVD Architect (2.0): I am trying to create buttons that, when selected, will have an image to the side as a select indicator (something a little more visually pleasing than a simple color selection). When the button is not selected, the image disappears.

    By setting the Mask under the Graphics -> Thumbnail and the Frame under Graphics, I can put the image there as I want it, but that's static -- it doesn't change when I deselect.

    Furthermore, I can't add in the image in the Highlight section. I can add a mask, but that only masks the color channel (using the Custom style).

    Am I missing something?


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    I dont think you are. You've just found the limitations of DVDa.

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    if you really need to do this it's pretty easy in Encore/photoshop to achieve it,

    you could download the trial of Encore and get it done quite quickly, especially if you're familiar with Photoshop.

    you'd just need to make the menu in Photoshop and give the layer-groups the right names and it's done.
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