I'm not sure what else to try. Using Studio 9.4. I have finished editing a video from a recent 50 year wedding anniv party. Everything seems fine when I play it back in Studio 9 before rendering. I have a main menu, which has 3 links, one to "Play Video" one to "Slideshow" (still photos at the end of my main video) and one for "Scene Selection". Here lies my problem.

When I select Scene Selection, it goes to the correct menu, which lists 3 scenes along with a 'previous' and a 'next' button, all of which work. If I select 'next', it goes to the 2nd, of 8, next menus, which again consists of 3 scenes and a previous and a next button. The problem is the next button doesn't work, it won't go to the next menu, but it works fine playing in Studio.

The burned DVD will also work fine playing from my computer. All menues and all the 'next' buttons operate as they are supposed to.

I tried playing the DVD on 5 different players. All play it fine, but it hangs when it gets to that NEXT button on the 2nd Scenes menu.

I should add this is really my first attempt at editing and rendering a DVD. When I go to Create Disk, it says it's to big, so I change the setting to 8.5 gig DVD, and after rendering, I used DVD Shrink to make it fit on a standard 4.7 gig DVD (but I made sure the 'Menu' area in DVD Shrink wasn't compressed)

Anyone have any suggestions on what I might try, or what I may be missing?