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Thread: My new video of skate! edit and filmed by me

  1. Default My new video of skate! edit and filmed by me

    Watch in HD!

    I accept criticism and advice

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    I really like it! it's funky! did you have a camera on the skateboard?, also camera is good!!

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    thanks! yes I put the cam on skate and the camera is a Sonyhdr-cx115

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    Some of the shots worked well. Others didn't (those where we see only the lower half of the skater, for example would be better showing just the board and feet - half a torso just doesn't work for me). I'm sure I'm not the target audience, but I ost interest pretty quickly as it didn't seem to develop in any way - it was just a selection of tricks and I don't think it would have looked any different if you'd shuffled up the order of the sequences.

    And I hereby declare that I will refuse to watch the next video which has the film burn effect. It's just SO 1st half 2012.

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    Awesome video.

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    I like it, although it is maybe a minute too long

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    very very nice i like it

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