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    Hi there guys
    My current cam, Canon's Legria HF G10 (PAL) let's you shoot in either 50i or 25p[as you know both are 25 frames but the second one has progressive footage encapsulated in an interlaced 50i signal wile the later has 50 interlaced fields]. The end product is to be a blue-ray which currently doesn't allow you to use 25p, only 50i or of course 24p which is the format they use for movies.
    Finally I got Vegas pro 11 so know I can produce 24p blues.
    What shooting and final disk do you think it is best??
    I have the option of shooting either in 50i or 25p and then I can use vegas to get a 50i or 24p blue ray.
    DO you get a good final product from 50i to 24p? Will it be better to shot in the encapsulated format 25p?? or the best I should do is continue shooting in 50i to produce 50i disks?

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    Who said you can't make a Bluray with a 25fps video ?

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    Both are 25fps, but blue ray wont support 25p only 50i

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    Let me start off by saying I'm not really a maker of Bluray disks also I have found the i/p debate is a subjective thing. It also depends on what the footage is of. If you look at the chart in THIS LINK it shows you can't use 50i to make a Bluray disk, so I would go for 24p and shoot in 25p.

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    The problem is that they use the numbers both for frames and for fields. 50i is 25 frames 50 fields(interlaced), 25p is 25 frames 25 fields(progressive). In the wiki they talk of 25i referring to frames instead of fields but it is the same as 50i(fields).

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    On the Wiki page it says this.

    All frame rates are properly listed in frames per second. Some manufacturers will list field rate for interlaced material, but this is incorrect industry practice. To avoid confusion, only FRAME rates should ever be listed.


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