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Thread: Super n00b needs help. Match moving maybe?

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    Question Super n00b needs help. Match moving maybe?

    I've been trying for weeks to find a free/low cost video editor that will allow me to do one thing: superimpose my face into a video. Here's my vision....remember the scene from the movie Friday where Debo knocks out Red? Well, I want to crudely paste my face over Debo's and my brother's over Red's. That's it. I don't care if it looks terrible. Actually, the more amateur it looks the funnier it will be. Please help!!!!

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    If you just want a still head superimposed, you could do this with Sony Vegas Movie Studio. You'd need to perpare the still in a photo editing package first to cut out all but the face and replace it with transparent. You cam move this over the video below using Track Motion.
    There's a time limited trial available.

    If you want to have the head moving (eg talking) then you'd need Vegas Pro and you'd need to use a bezier mask to draw around the head as well as track motion to keep it tracking the video below.

    Other video packages are available andthe same princples apply.

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