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Thread: Ninja with Katana vs guy with knife

  1. Default Ninja with Katana vs guy with knife

    A short fight scene I made in a carpark about saving this girl in distress. We do know martial arts and we rarely exercise but we like watching lots of action films. First stab at choreographing fights. Please let me know what you think :o)

    Distress - YouTube


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    Really well put together!

    I've done a bit of fight choreography in a workshop and know how tricky it is to get right. Everything worked brilliantly - the effects, sound, pacing and camera angles were spot on.

    You've got a future with that. Where next?
    Robert Martin Kelly
    Promo, training, instruction and music videos in the Thames Valley, Windsor, Slough, Berks areas:

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    Thanks Robert. Filming it was hard work. I took lots of breaks cause we had to do it so many times to get it right. I hope to make more videos like this to shape my skills and do some workout I'm working on part 2 but that is more focus on vfx tho. Hope you can check it out too.

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    I'm not a big fan of videos like this but I thought you did an excellent job with it. Like Robert said it's very hard to choreograph a good fight scene but you did very well and the editing seemed near perfect for it. The only think I would criticise is the blood splat, it just didn't seem to fit with the quality of the rest of the video.

    Very well done.

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    Thanks. Yea, the blood felt a little out of place. I'm glad you liked it At the end of the shoot, we broke the katana and the knife. Bought it from a cosplay shop. I'm supprised it held on that long.

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