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Thread: Looking for someone to make a game trailer for our upcoming game title

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    Cool Looking for someone to make a game trailer for our upcoming game title

    Good day, my name is Greg Quinn, the CEO of Meltdown Interactive Media, an indie game developer company in South Africa.
    Our upcoming PC title Monster Truck Racing Arenas will be released in September/October and we're looking for someone experienced in video editing to make an exciting 'adrenaline fuelled' promotional game trailer.

    For some screenshots of the game and a bit more info please go to Monster Truck Racing Game

    - I can provide a copy of the game, as well as a specific version that will enable you to dynamically change the camera angles to get the best recording footage for the trailer.
    - The trailer must be no longer than 30-35 seconds.
    - It should use a combination of in-game footage from different camera angles, effective wording and sound effects.
    - We have a composer ready to do the music/sound effects as required.
    - Any required artwork/logos can be provided

    Please PM me with your rate and examples of previous work if you are interested.

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    I wish you all success with your game launch. It looks a good game.
    Whilst such a video project would be alot of fun, some prospective partners might find the two week deadline impossibly short. When you are doing your next release, I would encourage you to plan the 'trailer' at a much earlier stage.

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    HI all,

    We are still looking for somebody to do our game trailer.
    We ended up re-doing the game from scratch with completely new graphics, and it never got released, but we are nearing release of the new version again.

    Please read my post above and PM with your portfolio and a fixed cost for the trailer.
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