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Thread: Cheap royalty free intros, openings, audio logos and music

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    Default Cheap royalty free intros, openings, audio logos and music

    Hi, on our website you can find interesting audio files which would be very useful in various projects. However I would like to ask you the filmmakers what kind of audio you need the most so we could supply our audio database with such files.

    Thanks for any tips.

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    I work for a company that provides budget logos and graphics - if you need a cheap logo for your video project get in touch! 10 Pound Design - Custom logo and graphic design for only 10 pounds!

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    Music, Post #1, I liked them in general, but here in UK paying in USD isn't easy . . can we buy a CD (or DVD) with your Orchestral Music - these are long enough for scene setting, transitions, moods etc.
    btw Amazon is good for me,
    From my perspective, some of the Intros are (naturally) a litle brief . . and sound like a synth rather than any orchestral instrument...still they are cheap enough at typically $2. . . . but to be useful (and worth yr while) I guess you need to sell a Sampler = packaged deal, for Non-commercial use . . . but i'm not sure exactly what that means - if I make a few vids for friends (or a local business, say), and they buy them - is that commercial?
    If it's a budget movie to be shown in a cinema with paying Public . . that's commercial, although I'd expect you'd want a better deal if it went international, for example.
    I won't pay by pp.
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    Thought I would drop in a mention here for Rocksure Soundz | Royalty Free Music, Sound Effects, Production Music New Zealand . Kind of a one stop shop for all sorts of sound effects and music. Music of all sorts of lengths is available on the site, but for those specifically looking for short pieces, there are a number of them at this page here and most are $3-95.

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