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    The first 35 secs seems good but the shot of the iron work had a double focus pull which is a no no for me, Not unless there is a really good reason for it. Same with the shot at around 1:30. Then the tilt up the wall to the tilt up the trees shot didn't work for me either.

    I would have gone for the reflection shot at 1:56 then the castle shot but you went the other way round. The shots of the balloon didn't look smooth to me but that could just be the computer I'm using.

    I liked the music choice. Although you had some really nice shots the piece didn't quite work for me because of the editing. I am being tougher on you than I would be with others because of your experience. I do like that you are widening your video styles and would encourage everyone to leave their comfort zone to attempt shooting videos they don't usually make.

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    thanks that was just one test bad you are rith thanks for the coment


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