Top 10 Tips For Winning Pitches Online

Calling all Videographers, Animators, Editors and Video Producers! Have you tried the latest ways to source and pitch for work on-line? Pitching through online production portals can mean a great opportunity for showcasing your work, helping you diversify your portfolio and getting paid for it.
Pitching is by nature a competitive business, and there are a few things you can do to ensure that you get a positive response from your potential clients, and grow your good reputation in the industry.

Here are our Top 10 Tips for video creators who want to win pitches online:

DO make sure that your Producer Profile is as full and complete as possible on the website.
Busy clients use crowdsourcing websites because they provide all the information needed to make a decision in the one place, so donít make them hunt all over the web for further information about you.

2. DONíT be tempted to throw your hat in the ring for every brief listed on the site.
Read each brief carefully and decide whether or not itís worth pitching for. Can you do the job within the specified budget? If not, thatís ok, but you will need to outline exactly why not.

3. DO consider whether you can really and truly deliver the job that you are pitching for.
Ask yourself: Is the job within your ability or scope to perform it well? Do you have time to complete the job within the specified time fame? Can you pull your Ďdream teamí together for the shoot? If you answered Ďnoí to any of these questions, then you need to consider that you may do damage to your reputation by pitching for this job and then failing to deliver.

4. There are tricks to writing compelling pitches.
Search similar pitches and note the best bits before you dive in.

5. DONíT just throw up a generic blurb with a link to your website, it will appear lazy and wonít get you jobs.
Fill in all the available fields with relevant information. Sell yourself into the brief and make your services stand out from the crowd.

6. DO keep your description short and to the point, but DONT name drop like a crazy person!
Clients want to know that you have experience that matches their brief, so tell them the names of Directors you have worked with, campaigns youíve worked on and categories you are experienced in. Then prove it by attaching relevant examples of your work.

7. Having said that, DONíT be tempted to fib about who and what youíve worked on.
This is a small industry and youíll be found out eventually. The beauty of these crowdsourcing sites is that you can start with smaller jobs and build your portfolio over time.

8. DONíT just offer up your generic show-reel - pitches must be relevant to the brief.
Attach or link to full examples of your work in that category. Add your best clips to your profile on the website so that clients searching the site can also see them.

9. DO pitch at a price you genuinely think you can deliver on.
The cheapest isnít always best. Even on these Ďauctioní style websites, clients may choose quality over cost-saving. You can make a case for a higher fee, and you certainly donít want to make a loss on a job!

10. DO be aware that these websites take a commission.
Include a contingency for commission on top of your usual 15% contingency in your pitch price.

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Avi & The ProductionParty People