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Thread: Premier 6.5 and proper firewire capture card?

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    Default Premier 6.5 and proper firewire capture card?

    I have premier 6.5 and am now ready to get a firewire card. I also read that some cards do some of the rendering, etc ... I dont want to spend more than $100, I would like to spend $20, but $100 is my absolute max .. any suggestions?
    Sony DCR-TRV250 mounted on the bumper of my 2004 stage3 WRX.
    Adobe Premier 6.5
    XP Pro
    athlon XP 3000 (2.2ghtz) 400fsb
    512meg pc3200ddr 400fsb dual mode ram
    80 gig 7200rpm ide133 hd
    Geforce FX 5200 w/ svid out 128meg ddr

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    I've seen an ASUS Firewire 1394 adapter for about $20 so you'll just have to look around. Any basic Firewire card will do so just take a look around at your local PC store.

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    The only difference in cards under $100 will probably be the software bundled with it.
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    Default re: proper firewire cards

    When i needed a firewire card recently I found a handy little gem at (I'll dig out the ref if anyone is interested enough). Before, I only had a small handfull of USB1.1 ports. The card from has three USB2 and two firewire ports on the same PCI card for about 18.

    I decided this was a good purchase.

    My Dazzle Fusion (for analogue capture from VCR) is plugged into a USB2 and my Sony DCR-TRV33E plugs nicely into one of the firewire ports.

    I use XP Pro and it detected it straight away. I've had no need whatsover to perform any sort of driver install other than what plug-and-pray did for me automagically.

    The card also has an internal USB2 port. Has anyone any idea what that might be used for? My best guess as to its use would be to mount internally, an external USB2 HDD, to save desktop space. Does this work etc etc???


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