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Thread: Would anyone like to double-check me? :) lol

  1. Question Would anyone like to double-check me? :) lol

    Hey, everyone! I just saw Sony's new softwares! Perfect timing because I just decided to save up for a laptop to use for my editing! I found this laptop, and if you want to take a little time to just double-check me and make sure I'm not missing anything (specs, etc.), I'd appreciate it! I've checked, that don't mean I'm mistaken. And if you have opinions or tips, please tell me! I'm not looking for the big-dawg, bad-to-the-bone editing laptop. I just want something that'll do the job on the go so I can edit wherever I am. I think to do some of the big features (like certain sound edits/effects) you have to have upgrades on the computer. I'll be doing a little bit of sound stuff, nothing too insane... So, if this laptop won't power every little thing like those really special effects, that's fine. I just don't want it locking up, or worse, not installing the program! LOL!!! Thanks, guys! Peace out!

    Lenovo - 15.6" Essential Notebook - 4 GB Memory - 320 GB Hard Drive - Black - 0679ALU
    Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite Overview

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    Does anyone just have opinions on the laptop itself? Anyone us it and like it?

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    It has 5400rpm HDD instead of 7200rpm for the OS drive.
    only 4gb of ram? Surely 8
    No dedicated graphics card.
    Does not even state processor model number...only the bus speed.

    I'd suggest go elsewhere for your laptop, You won't be happy with this machine.

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    Ok, thanks! Any suggestions for something decent around $500?

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